Sealing the Spice

Top 5 Korean Foods


Michael Jackson put this dish on the global map after a trip to South Korea. It's tough not to love this elegantly laid out dish with rice and an egg yolk in its centre surrounded by multiple vegetables and meat. The ingredients are mixed together with a few drops of a gochujang - spicy red pepper taste, and sesame oil. Each spoonful has a different taste.

Gimjang is a seasonal event in autumn when a large amount of kimchi is prepared and preserved for the entire winter. Baechu kimchi is the most popular version (it's even served at Chinese restaurants in India) - shredded cabbage, white radish, red pepper powder, green onion, garlic and other seasonings.
Arguably Korea's most popular noodle dish made with sweet potato noodles (The Korean chopsticks are unique - crafted with metal and Koreans also use a spoon along with the chopsticks for their soup; unlike other Asian cultures it is not considered polite to eat with the cup close to your mouth). Stir fried in sesame oil with thinly sliced vegetables and meat.