Sealing the Spice

Spinach and Cheese Frankie Recipe


Almost every kid likes to have frankies and rolls that are usually full of delicious and mouth-watering fillings. They not just look good but are also amazing in taste. Frankies or wraps come with various tasteful fillings from paneer to what not. As the name says, Spinach and Cheese Frankie is that crispy roll which is full of creamy cheese along with perfectly cooked spinach. Both when cooked together, create an awesome blend and flavour that almost everyone would like to have. Spinach usually has a strong flavour, when cooked along with various spices and cheese, it tastes incredible. Everyone knows that cheese has a beautiful and mushy texture, which will completely melt in mouth as soon as you take a bite. Instead of having wraps from various markets with tasty but somewhat unhealthy fillings, make and have this frankie roll which is completely hygienic and flavorous both at same time. Spinach also has various health benefits, it is a rich source of proteins and iron. Also, we usually spend our money to buy rolls from the vendors or restaurants in market but, who knows that the frankies are quite simple and easy to cook. It will take around half an hour to prepare this delectable appetizer. The ingredients used in preparation of this appetizer are easily available. This is a simple and easy to follow recipe. Prepare this lip-smacking appetizer soon and relish its awesome taste with your kids and loved ones.